13 New Jersey Black-owned media outlets to follow in 2024

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The narrative of Black history in America has been significantly shaped by the voices of its people, largely through oral histories and the medium of Black-owned publications. This journey began in 1827 with the founding of Freedom’s Journal by John Brown Russwurm and Samuel E. Cornish, marking the first Black-owned newspaper in the United States, according to PBS. At a time when Black individuals were severely disenfranchised, this publication stood as a revolutionary act, offering a vital public voice and a window into the aspirations and struggles of the Black community.

Key publications like The North Star, established by Frederick Douglass in 1847, played a crucial role in advocating for Black suffrage and the abolition of slavery. Similarly, Ida B. Wells, a journalist and civil rights pioneer, used her platform in the Memphis Free Speech and Headlight to expose the atrocities of lynching, influencing public opinion and paving the way for legislative change. 

In recent decades, platforms like The Grio have continued this legacy of advocacy and storytelling. Byron Allen, CEO of The Allen Media Group, The Grio’s parent company, highlighted the ongoing struggle to accurately depict Black historical narratives and current events at last year’s Grio Awards, stating, “The truth is Black America is under attack. At this time, 44 states are debating which Black history to teach in schools. There’s only one Black history that should be taught: the truth.”

As Black In Jersey celebrates Black History Month, we invite you to explore our list of Black media publishers in New Jersey. These outlets connect, inform, and entertain and continue to build upon the rich traditions and collective experiences of the Black press by recounting the Black experience in the Garden State. 

Echo Press/Echo News TV 

The Echo, founded by William Elijah Rock in 1904, is New Jersey’s oldest Black-owned newspaper. With 120 years of service to the Black community, the publication has continuously informed its audience on matters of racial interest, locally and nationally. Recently, The Echo, based in Red Bank, launched an online edition, demonstrating its ability to keep up with the times. 

New Jersey | www.echonewstv.com 

Front Runner New Jersey 

Front Runner New Jersey, a multimedia platform founded by award-winning journalist Clyde Hughes, covers stories within South Jersey’s Black and Latino communities, offering a diverse and cultured perspective of the region. “Define your space and make sure you identify and build a connection with your audience,” Hughes said. 

South Jersey | frontrunnernewjersey.com

Ark Republic

Ark Republic is a media company composed of a collective of newsmakers, narrators, collaborators, and community curators. Their stories are innovative as they weave together various mediums for storytelling such as animation, video, photojournalism, drawing, and more!

Essex County | arkrepublic.com

Public Square Amplified

Public Square Amplified is a local nonprofit newsroom based in Newark, New Jersey. Public Square Amplified focuses on economic justice, and racial and social equity in the each of the city’s five wards. The publication also provides a support system for local aspiring journalists by training community members in the field of journalism and promoting civic engagement. 

Essex County | publicsq.org

Atlantic City Focus

Atlantic City Focus offers an avenue for residents to tell their own stories, informing and educating the public about social issues that afflict the city. Their coverage spans sports, Black history and culture, business, religion, and more.

“I’m looking to create a publication my community can be proud of. If it’s important to you – it’s important to us!”said Mark Tyler – Founder, Atlantic City Focus

Atlantic County | atlanticcityfocus.com

Five Wards Media

Check out “The Hood Report” by Five Wards Media, covering Newark, NJ with a focus on community engagement. Over 20 Newark residents have already completed their community media incubator as reporting fellows.

“It’s a space for the community to feel connected,” said Brit Harley, founder of Five Wards Media. “In service of meeting information needs and also training residents to become storytellers…to really share power with each other.”

“A lot of folks just kind of drop in to our communities most times when there’s crime and violence and other than that we don’t always have stories that reflect our lived experiences, the voices of young people…we exist to center the people that aren’t usually centered when we think about the news,” Harley said. 

Essex County | fivewardsmedia.com

The Newark Times

The Newark Times is a multimedia news platform that offers a diverse collection of stories capturing the city’s rich culture and perspectives. Their website is a reliable source of information that has become a cultural hub for Newark residents.

Essex County | thenewarktimes.com

More Jersey 

More Jersey is a community media startup looking to give you just that — more of Jersey! With events that span the entire state, More Jersey provides insight into the happenings around the state, essentially serving as a one-stop resource for a wide range of activities. Coverage includes government, community, arts and culture, finance, and much more! 

“I see a significant up-trend in audio and video-based content production and consumption. It’s evident with the number of black podcast interviews going viral. We are in the process of crafting and testing several short-form video series to celebrate the New Jersey experience.” said Joe Campbell, Founder, More Jersey

New Jersey | morejersey.com


Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Montclair, NJ, Shelterforce began as a “how-to” publication for tenant activists; the publication has expanded to include more coverage. Articles are available in print and online. According to its website, Shelterforce is “the only independent, non-academic publication covering the worlds of community development, affordable housing, and neighborhood stabilization.”

Essex County | shelterforce.org

We Are Jersey 

Founded in 2014, We Are Jersey is a media company that has situated itself as the intersection between culture, community, and creativity. We Are Jersey offers a wide range of services consulting with creative artists and providing marketing. We Are Jersey Magazine features artists from across the state and exposing them to new audiences.

New Jersey | www.wearejerseyent.com 

NJ Urban News 

Founded in 2018, New Jersey Urban News seeks to cover stories that impact the Black community, yet often overlooked by mainstream media. Their coverage includes education, sports, and arts, and the organization also produces the “Breaking Barriers” podcast and other live and on-demand video storytelling initiatives.

“We [Black publishers] occupy a niche that can’t be easily duplicated. If it’s tried by someone outside the demographic it’s inauthentic. In short -if you ain’t Black it won’t work,” said Penda Howell ,Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NJ Urban News.

Essex County | njurbannews.com

The Trenton Journal

The Trenton Journal is an independently owned and operated multimedia platform founded by Kenneth Miles. The Trenton Journal offers solution-based journalism and community profiles based in New Jersey’s capital city. 

Mercer County | trentonjournal.com


Just as Black History is made all 364 days of the year, Trenton365 captures all of it and that includes leap years. Founded by Jacque Howard, Trenton365 aims to improve the condition of the Delaware Valley made apparent by the stories he covers. Howard sums up his approach with the acronym R.E.A.C.H. (Recreation, Environment, Art, Civics, Health).

Mercer County | facebook.com/Trenton365