Black In Jersey

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Black in Jersey is a social media storytelling and information hub specializing in restorative narratives about communities of color. 

We inform people about what’s happening around New Jersey; train citizen journalists; connect people to resources; produce entertaining multimedia content; and host events that grow New Jersey’s community news and arts ecosystem. 

In 2023, Black In Jersey won two awards from the New Jersey News Commons, including “Partner of the Year.”


We tell stories that are unapologetically Black in New Jersey.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of everyday people, and to highlight our history in the Garden State.


Tennyson Donyea shot by William Harper

Tennyson Donyea is Black In Jersey’s founder and creative visionary. He oversees the organization’s growth, multimedia production, media training, story editing, and event planning. 

Donyea has more than six years of experience as a local news reporter — covering community, culture, politics, sports, and more for award-winning television and radio stations and digital outlets on both U.S. coasts.