After losing her sight, quilting gave this Camden artist an ‘avenue to heal’

Renata Merrill's "New Beginnings" exhibit is up in Camden through Feb. 19.

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Camden artist, Renata Merrill, holds up one of her custom made quilts at her art exhibit called "New Beginnings."

At 56 years old, Camden artist Renata Merrill has crossed a special milestone off the bucket list. 

This month, her first solo art exhibit opened at Camden Fireworks, a non-profit aiming to create social change through the arts. 

Merrill’s exhibit, “New Beginnings,” features several quilts she created as an avenue to heal from a severe ailment. 

In 2012, doctors discovered a tumor in her left eye. As a result, she began to lose her sight.

Quilting gave her a chance to renew her vision and strengthen her focus, she said. 

“I needed an avenue to get better. I did not want to remain weak or sick,” Merrill said.

The exhibit is on display until Feb. 19. 

Check out our video interview with Merrill.