“Monumental Newark,” where art and history collide

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Where art and history collide

New Jersey artist and historian, Noelle Lorraine Williams, took photos of Newark from the 1800s and placed them over pictures taken at the same locations in present-day.

The installation occupies a field next to Brick City’s Broad Street train station. And it’s part of an initiative launched by Audible called the “Newark Artist Collaboration.” 

The initiative aims to amplify the work of homegrown artists, and encourage investment in local creatives. 

“The Newark Artist Collaboration is a powerful testament to what public-private partnerships can accomplish,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said. “These installations are the latest in a long list of community-focused projects that Audible has done for our city since moving here 15 years ago.”

Projects include murals, fence and window activations, digital artworks, an outdoor children’s reading area, and more.