Jersey entrepreneurs shine at ‘Women That Do’ event

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Photo of Cheris Monique, Appolonia “Appy” and Ashantis Reese (Frank Santos/ Black In Jersey)

Last Sunday, the Voorhees Town Center buzzed with inspiration and empowerment as it hosted “Women That Do,” a celebration of Black and Brown women leading in various industries across South Jersey.

This vibrant community event showcased woman-owned businesses, talents, and organizations, highlighting the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit among women.

Photo of Karla Adrienne Wilson (Frank Santos/Black In Jersey)

Vendors offered an array of resources and tools to support women’s wellness and entrepreneurial journeys. Highlights included wellness brands like Optimoss Organics and the insightful offerings from author Nyree Reed, focusing on physical and mental health improvement. 

The ambiance was electric, thanks to a setlist featuring music from renowned women artists, enhancing the communal vibe. Attendees were welcomed with trays of food, light beverages, and complimentary accessories, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all—from young, aspiring girls to accomplished women leaders.

Photo of Shanda Moore, Nurse Practitioner/Owner of Prosperity, Health and Wellness in Audubon, N.J. (Frank Santos/Black In Jersey)

Among the participants, Shanda Moore, a nurse practitioner and owner of Prosperity, Health and Wellness in Audubon, N.J., stood out with her insightful contributions. 

“There’s a lot of energy here from dancers to fashion designers. I hope to give back by teaching people how eating habits affect them,” Moore shared. Her focus on boosting energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being underscored the event’s commitment to holistic prosperity.

Photo of Eleana P., Owner of Elani Swimwear (Frank Santos/Black In Jersey)

The gathering was a testament to the power of community and support, especially evident when Black and Brown women come together to create safe spaces for sharing and learning.

Products like Tare Luxe collection’s hair accessories, designed for Black and Brown hairstyles, and Elani Swimwear’s inclusive options showcased the importance of such events in fostering spaces for intentional products.

Photo of Roxy Romeo, of Power 99’s “Rise + Grind Morning Show” & event host Appolonia “Appy” (Frank Santos/Black In Jersey)

Roxy Romeo, a radio host on Power 99’s “Rise + Grind Morning Show,” imparted wisdom about the significance of networking. 

“When it comes to networking it’s about who you know, the connections you make and people knowing your name. Once people know what you want to do it’s like a chain reaction,” Romeo advised, underscoring the power of connections in navigating industry landscapes. 

Photo of Cheris Monique & event host Appolonia “Appy” (Frank Santos/Black In Jersey)

The event also featured a moment of self-appreciation, led by Confidence Coach Cheris Monique. “I’d like to thank myself,” Monique expressed, encouraging attendees to recognize their sources of wisdom and potential wealth. 

Her words were a reminder to honor personal achievements and contributions.

Attendees said “Women That Do” not only celebrated the existing achievements of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs but also laid the groundwork for future success and inspiration in the South Jersey community. 

This story was produced as part of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University’s South Jersey Information Equity Project fellowship and supported with funding from the Independence Public Media Foundation, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, and the NJ Civic Information Consortium.