Breaking the Mold: Flisadam Pointer Defies Critics to Redefine News in the Social Media Age

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Journalist, Flisadam Pointer, stands outside Newark Symphony Hall (Credit: Hussain Al-Khalil)

From her early days sifting through her father’s vinyl collection to becoming a recognized voice in entertainment journalism, Flisadam Pointer’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.

The Newark native and founder of Envert Media is reshaping the way arts and entertainment stories are told, proving to her skeptics that passion and innovation can indeed pave the way to a viable career.

Growing up in a musical household, Pointer’s knack for storytelling was cultivated through conversations about art with her father, fostering a early communication skills.

Her formal media training began at Newark Tech High School, where she participated in a bridging program with Seton Hall University’s radio station.

Despite early skepticism from her professors about the viability of a career in social media, Flisadam Pointer has proven that the digital realm is fertile ground for journalism.

“My professors told me that social media was a fad, not a real job for a journalist,” Pointer said.

She disagreed, seeing the potential for storytelling that broke away from traditional formats and engaged with audiences on a more intimate level.

Pointer’s academic journey took her from Virginia State University back to New Jersey, where she earned both her undergraduate and master’s degrees from Rutgers University, specializing in journalism and digital media.

Today, Pointer is known not just for her local impact, covering community arts through her platform Envert Media, but for her national presence, writing for platforms like UpRoxx and ThisRnB.

She has been pivotal in discussions about emerging technologies in the music industry, such as NFTs, highlighting their significance beyond the tech sphere and into the realms of music and culture.

A particularly memorable moment in her career was when rapper J. Cole referenced her article in an interview with Lil Yachty, underscoring the broader influence of her work.

She emphasizes how rewarding it is to see her work recognized on such major platforms.

Pointer’s commitment to her roots and her forward-thinking approach to media exemplify how independent journalists can gain national attention and inspire the next generation.

As she continues to mentor and lead in the digital space, her work not only highlights the power of local journalism but also enriches the broader narrative of Black culture in America.

For young Black journalists and media enthusiasts, Pointer’s story is a beacon of possibility, showing that with resilience and creativity, barriers can be transformed into gateways for innovation and impact.

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