Black In Jersey & Brick City Jam’s Spotify Ode to NJ Women in Music

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Dive into 'Women's History Month 2024: Jersey Vibes' on Spotify, featuring up-and-coming NJ female artists, curated by Black In Jersey & Brick City Jam (courtesy Spotify)

Spotify users are in for a treat as Brick City Jam and Black In Jersey team up to curate a new monthly Spotify playlist series. 

“Women’s History Month 2024: Jersey Vibes,” the first playlist in the series, debuts Tuesday morning.

It’s a timely release for Women’s History Month, showcasing a selection of New Jersey’s finest female artists and highlighting the diversity and talent in the state’s music scene.

“We want to amplify the awareness of local musicians & artists past our festival and we’re excited to push the boundaries and see where we go,” said Livingston Steele, founder of Brick City Jam and Artillery Creative Canon. 

What’s in the Playlist:
The playlist features a blend of R&B and hip-hop, with tracks from artists like Sol ChYld, Shelly Ferrell, Bri Blvck, Freakquencee, and Bymaddz. Each artist brings their unique sound and style, offering listeners a rich musical experience that spans from Nork to Camden and beyond.

This collaboration between Black In Jersey and Brick City Jam reflects a commitment to supporting and promoting local artists, particularly during Women’s History Month.

“Last year, my Spotify Wrapped told me I create playlists way more than the average Spotify user,” said Tennyson Donyea, founder of Black in Jersey. “This is a way for me to share the music I love with everyone else.”

How to find “Women’s History Month 2024: Jersey Vibes” on Spotify.
If you’re looking to explore this new collection, you can easily find it by searching for “Women’s History Month 2024: Jersey Vibes” on Spotify (Black In Jersey and Brick City Jam will appear as playlist creators).

For updates and more information, music enthusiasts can follow Black In Jersey and Brick City Jam on Instagram. This playlist is just the beginning, with more initiatives expected to highlight and support the up-and-coming artists in New Jersey.

About Brick City Jam and Black In Jersey:

Brick City Jam is a celebration of hip-hop in the heart of Newark. Started in 2019 by Artillery Creative Cannon, Rorshach brand, and Yen Soul, this festival vibrantly showcases the elements of hip-hop: music, dance, fashion, and art. It’s a dynamic space for up-and-coming artists and reflects the diverse beats of Newark’s communities. Hosted in places like Abington Walls and River Front Park, Brick City Jam has grown into a key event that paints Newark with artistic and communal energy.

Black In Jersey serves as a vital voice and connector for New Jersey’s communities of color. More than a social media outlet, it’s about telling stories that matter, training citizen journalists, and delivering engaging multimedia content. This platform is integral in linking people with resources and nurturing the local news and arts scene. Recognized for its community-focused efforts, Black In Jersey won NJ News Commons’ “Partner of The Year Award in 2023.